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US teenager raises funds to gift desks to Yuva school @ Magadi Taluk, Karnataka.

A 17-year-old girl, Maya Aravapalli from the US visited one of the Yuva supported schools in Magadi Taluk – GHPS, Motagondanahalli and was troubled to see her counterparts in the village still sitting on the floor in classrooms. She decided to act and organised fundraisers.

Ms. Aravapalli is studying in grade 11 at Georgia City. She gifted desks under the ‘Booster Seat Project which provided 52 large desks for 206 children. This is a Gold Award project for Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta.

Our heartfelt thanks to Maya Aravapalli for choosing to support our school, Mr & Mrs. Aravapalli (Maya’s Parents), The Call to Serve Class & Staff of Kings Ridge Christian School, Mr. Jaganath M N (Donor & Well-wisher of Yuva). We would also like to thank Yuva Members Mr. Sunil B V, Mr. Ravindra BR for co-ordinating and making one more successful project.

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