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School Kit initiative is one of the main activities under the Sustainable School Project of Yuva Bengaluru. It comprises of a school bag, Notebooks & stationary.

Yuva Bengaluru selects schools where children come from weaker economic background and have limited infrastructure facilities for the students. That means students cannot afford educational resources necessary for a good education and as a result their regular attendance in schools considerably drop. Wearing most shabby clothes, with bare minimum books and stationary, many carry polythene bag instead of a school bag. As a result a feeling of inferiority is predominant among these kids. Their interest in attending school is minimal due to scarcity of these small but important resources.

Yuva Bengaluru’s School Kits work like a motivation for these children, to continue schooling in a meaningful way. Receiving these ‘gifts’, gives them an occasion to be happy and a reason to look forward to another day at school. The Kit supports the families of these children, surviving on meagre resources, which they can now direct to an urgent basic need like food or healthcare.

These Kits are distributed as a reward for positive behavioural changes like personal cleanliness, better attendance in school, hard work in class, activities like cleanliness drive, watering the plants and trees etc. These kinds of activities are conducted by the schools at regular intervals to ensure that kids imbibe these aspects in the long term.

School Kits have been a successful experiment as they work as a major motivator for kids to come to school. Using School Kits as a tool, Yuva has reached out to more than 14,500 students in different parts of the Karnataka since 2012 and aims to reach out to many more thousands of school kids with the purpose of not only helping them complete their education but also help in inculcating good habits and behavioural change.

Here is a video glimpse of School kits distribution.

We thank all our donors & volunteer!!!

We will take INDIA forward.

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