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G Kiran Sagar
Founder & Chief Inspiration Officer

Kiran G Sagar ( Gangadhar Kiran Sagar) is the founder and Chief Inspiration Officer (CIO) of Yuva Bengaluru Trust.

After an BBM from MSR University, Kiran Sagar declined a Hewlett-Packard offer to work on the real streets of India. He started Yuva Bengaluru Trust at the mere age of 24 with the sole focus of enabling and empowering youth to become changemakers of tomorrow.

Kiran Sagar believes ‘Gratitude, Self-Belief and Compassion’ are the 3 pillars for a meaningful life. Today, YUVA has empowered more than 6 million vulnerable beneficiaries directly and indirectly including 3500 schools with improved sanitation, water, access to technology, scholarships, nutrition, vaccination etc.