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The Anganwadi Makeover Project’s approach is to create simple, beautiful and cost effective designs in close collaboration with the local community.

Yuva’s mission is to design, build and renovate educational, health and community structures in underprivileged Indian communities to better the lives and conditions of children families and communities in need.

ಸಂಬಂಧಿತ ಚಿತ್ರ

Yuva focuses on small but effective design interventions such as the effective use of space, careful siting, ventilation, natural light, security and hygiene. We build spaces for children to learn, but also peaceful and safe sanctuaries in the stressful lives of slum/rural children and where they can receive meals.

Yuva volunteers work closely with the local community, who contribute to both the design process and the construction of the anganwadis.

The Anganwadi Project buildings are used not only as schools but become vibrant community hubs, for young and old to gather. The schools provide the community with public spaces, gardens, and for women and young girls a multi- purpose and beautiful space for their education needs. They have also been home to health clinics and used even as a street school.

A makeover of anganwadi costs approximately $1500 – $3000 USD to be done by local builders, a small amount by our standards; however these schools make an enormous difference to the lives of slum/rural children and their families.

We now have a 9 year on-going relationship with the Bengaluru slum community & Bengaluru Rural , we continue to see the incredible benefits of The Anganwadi Makeover Project in the lives of the local children.